Community of industries

Economic Development through Entrepreneurship, Resilience, Integrity, Diligence and Passion.


CIH has empowered the Healthcare Community since 1992, when black equity participation was first introduced into the sector. Since then, CIH Health has become a major player in Healthcare in South Africa, with assets that span the manufacturing and distribution of medical & pharmaceutical supplies, the servicing of Healthcare equipment and the provision of comprehensive Healthcare services through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Community Hospital Management

Pelonomi | Universitas | Port Alfred Hospital | Settlers Hospital

Healthcare Investments and Pharmaceuticals

Community Healthcare Holdings (CHH) | Air Liquide Healthcare | Vitalaire | Netcare Limited | Lodox | Dräger SA


Sonke Pharmaceuticals | Community Medical |Adcock Ingram

Healthcare Administration

AfroCentric Investment Corporation Limited | Pharmacy Direct | Activo | Helios | Allergra | Medscheme | Fico


Our investment within ICT companies delivers smart technologies across the disciplines of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Energy and Industry.

Electronics & Telecommunication 

Jasco Electronics Holdings

Community Investment Ventures

Dark Fibre Africa | Dartcom

Power & Energy

Through a number of alliances and strategic holdings in notable companies in the sector, CIH contributes to a number of commendable projects within South Africa including the electrification of previously disadvantaged communities and alternative energy sources.

Schneider Electric SA

Energy Management | Automation


Fibre Optic Cable | Copper Power Cable | Aluminium Power Cable |
Power Cable


Jet Fuel | Fuel

Tamasa Investment Holdings (TIH)

Tamasa Energy Group (TEG) | Tamasa Power | Tamasa Gas Trading


The mining and resources portfolio includes precious metals, gems and minerals, examples of which are Diamonds, Coal, Methane Gas and Base Metals

Active Mines: Diamonds

Golden Falls Mining | Elandslaagte Diamonds


Anker Coal and Mineral Holdings SA | Elandsfontein Colliery | Golfview Mining | Van Oudshoornstroom Coal | Temo Coal Mining | Seriti Resources

Prospecting rights:

Rhole Exploration & Mining | Brookway Properties 83 | Canyon Springs Investments 171 | Universal Pulse Trading 328 | ATKA Trading 29

Prospecting rights:

New Port Farms (Botswana)

Commodities Trading

Coal Trading | Canton Trading 239 (Domestic Market) | Namane Comodities (Eskom Market) | Namane Energy (Export market through South Dunes Coal Terminal who is a shareholder in Richards Bay Coal Terminal)


Through its strategic investments in companies providing services in various fields in the logistics sector (including Warehousing, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management and Distribution & Transportation) CIH, through various investments, has established itself as a significant player in the industry.

Community Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Crossroads Distribution Holdings (Pty) Ltd | Skynet

Larimar Limited

Putco | Iveco

VME Group

Engine Rebuilder | Truck Rebuilder


Engine Leasing 


Companies within the CIH Infrastructure portfolio are currently undertaking a number of projects contributing to development in SA.

Infrastructure Development

Tshwane International Convention Centre (TICC) | African Gateway Convention and Exhibition Precinct (Pty) Ltd

Property development

Telkom/BCX Headquarters (Precinct Developers (Pty) Ltd through Kenus Trade and Invest (Pty) Ltd) | Tshwane House/ Munitoria (Tsela Tshweu Private Company through Lyraspect Investments (Pty) Ltd) | West Capital Precinct Development (Zambli 279 (Pty) Ltd)

Mesure Facility Management

Mesure Facilities Management | Mesure Professional Management | 
Mesure Specialised Services