Community Investment holdings (CIH) is a 100% black owned, women led company with an investment portfolio in excess of R20 billion, diversified between healthcare, ICT, power & energy, logistics, mining and infrastructure development. Some of its premium investments includes Afrocentric limited(Medscheme), Temo Coal, Jasco Electronics Holdings, Tamasa Investment Holdings as well as property development interests.

CIH last year celebrated its 20th anniversary. CIH is proud of this achievement, but is already planning for the next 20 years of sustainable growth, despite both world and regional economic instabilities. Growth opportunities are available for those orgnaisations that are committed to meeting customer requirements, service excellence and the ability to understand their markets and evolve innovatively.

CIH has always seen itself as emerging from, and giving back to the community through all of its subsidiaries that participate in Community projects through robust CSI projects. This emanates from our mission of making a tangible difference to South Africa. The company is committed to this ideal in a sustainable manner.

CIH is well placed to cement Government’s strategy regarding the support of “Black Industrialists”, and at the same time dispelling the negative narrative regarding B-BBEE. The amended (Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act) PPPFA has created more impetus in Government to support black entrepreneurs as well as transforming the economy in the way that participation is broadened in support of black Small Micro Medium Enterprise (SMMEs). The new B-BBEE codes will not only assist in developing SMMEs but will also encourage entrepreneurship and industrialisation within the economy. CIH supports these strategies through its B-BBEE goals and Enterprise Development initiatives, supporting the goals of the country and creating opportunities for today’s SMMEs who could be tomorrow’s industry leaders. 

Budget 2017: Sustainable inclusive growth 

The world is emerging from a tough 2016, with South Africa experiencing close to a zero % growth rate. Furthermore, the country was faced with challenges such as severe drought, inflationary pressures and exchange rate fluctuations. The need for improved affordable education and reliable local services were also highlighted during 2016.
Looking forward, South Africa requires a healthy economy, brought about by economic growth to satisfy our social aspirations. A positive rate of growth in output per head in the long run implies a sustained increase in the average standard of living of the population. Through sustained economic growth, our people will have the potential to access an increased range of goods and services, both in terms of quality and quantity, in so doing reducing the levels of poverty and unemployment